things that are cute:

  • your clothes
  • your hair
  • your smile
  • your laugh
  • you
  • you are cute
  • have a good day cutie
  • continue being cute

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Too into my feelings tonight but to my boyfriend

The main reasons why I like you so much would be your smile is so perfect and can make my day no matter how terrible it’s been, you make me laugh everytime we talk, you’re really attractive, you’re so sweet and can help me through any problem, and you’re smart. But there’s just something different about you. I dont know what it is, maybe the way nothing else matters when I’m with you, or how you make me smile more than anyone else ever has, or how you always know what to say, but whatever it is it means everything to me. I always catch myself thinking about how much I love talking to you, or how good you look when you smile, or how much I love your laugh so much that it’s contagious and I can’t help but laugh, I always replay our conversations and laugh at the stupid things we did, but the stupid things were so perfect and can make the best memories. One of the best things I love about us is how we can talk like best friends. I can literally tell you anything and you’re always there to help me through it. You’re unlike any other person I’ve met, I can talk to you for hours on end and never get bored. And I love how you still like me after all the ugly faces I make, how much I eat, how lazy I am, and how un athletic I am you still like me. It’s so different with you, I’m always afraid of opening up to someone and getting hurt but for some reason that thought never came to mind with you. Even though neither of us know what the future holds I can honestly say I hope you’re in it because you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I’m so lucky to be able to call you mine